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Made it out of the woods!

So far I have walked across the playing fields, down through the open country and done all my running/walking in the woods where no one can see me other than fishermen and dog walkers, but yesterday in order to do run 1 of week 5 I ran through the woods and onto the road, doing a circuit of the streets back into the wood, a few times around the stand of trees in the woods for the last 3 mins, then walked back up the hill and across the playing fields to home.

I wasn't looking forward to week 5 as the runs are longer and I thought I'd go dizzy doing circles for 15 mins in total, however I intend to do the 2 x 8 min runs tomorrow through the woods around the street circuit twice and back into the woods for the last bit.

I can't believe that a few weeks ago I could just about manage week 1! I never thought I'd be able to run for 5 mins.....

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Well done. I love running in the woods but like you as I improved had to add in loops to make up the distance. You also come to realise that actually no-one notices you!

I sometimes run round the track or the astroturf on the school playing fields but find going in circles too boring. Planning where the next run will be and how to make it interesting is part of the fun.


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