W6R3 - Keele Woods

W6R3 - Keele Woods

It's half-term, and my family live in Staffordshire. Keele is where I did my undergraduate degree, and I have many fond memories there - so I thought what better way to round off week 6 than to run around in Keele woods?

Well, I wish I hadn't had this idea! I had forgotten how hilly the woods are. I have only ever run on flat streets. Long story short, I ended up walking for one minute at around 15mins, and for another minute at around 20mins.

I'm really disappointed with myself - I've never slowed to a walk before during a run. My legs were so achey after those hills, I'm just not used to them. I didn't ever stop completely, though. But I feel really disappointed in myself.

Afterwards I walked around the woods at my own leisure and took some photos.

I suppose the question is - do I repeat this run as I slowed to a walk twice, or do I move on to week 7? I'd love to have some advice on this.

I suppose even four years after graduation, Keele is still able to teach me some things - that I'm not quite ready for slopes!!


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12 Replies

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  • Hi, hills are a killer at anytime , well done though for giving them a go .

    I would say move on , this run was a 1 off, you shouldn't be disappointed at all, think back to week 1 and where you started from :)

    If you would feel happier repeating in your more familiar surroundings You can but I don't think you need to.

    Looks a lovely place to run though , maybe 1 to return to at a later date :)

  • Thank you Rob, it's reassuring knowing that hills affect us all! As week 7 runs are the same was w6r3 I think I may move on. If I still can't do it then I will repeat week 6 from the beginning, but I think I will when I'm back on flatter ground :-)

  • Good way to go :)

    Yeah hills are a whole different ball game, they are really good for us " honest" :D

  • Hi there, those hills creep up on you and definitely make a big difference! Looks beautiful and you did really well. Very personal view is that I'd repeat the run... I had a very similar experience on W6R2 when I didn't quite make it, felt that I had to do the full time and know I'd completely ticked the box before moving onto the next run. Am sure you would've nailed this completely on your usual route. Either way, keep it up, you're doing great :)

  • Go you... Week 6 !

    Oh yes... Keele Woods...! Know them well. Beautiful :)

    Well.. as you say, we learn something new every day, but what a beautiful place to learn that lesson :)

    I don't feel you should be disappointed with yourself at all, you are used to a different type of running. Also, it was really chilly air today, that may have affected you.. certainly made me breathe a little heavier this morning.

    I think in answer to your question, maybe, you have to decide for yourself.

    Do you feel it wasn't a complete run and that you want to repeat it or not?

    For example...I always add a bit more running time to a run if I have had to stop for any reason..like road crossing, even though I jog on the spot... but then I am a bit odd.:)

    I'm sure you will get loads of advice and tips, from the great bunch , on here, so in the end, just go with what feels right for you?

    Not much help I know...;)

    You did brilliantly anyway...you are getting there wonderfully.. so try not to fret too much. :)

  • Thanks Floss. Actually your answer helped a lot! I really worked hard today and did my best. I think I will move on as the runs in W7 are 25mins anyway, and I can always repeat W6 if needs be. I'm going to find a flat piece of land for Thursday's run and conquer 25minutes of running! :-) Thanks for your kind words, you've made me feel a lot more positive about today :-)

  • You are most welcome...got to support the Staffordshire element..even if you have moved to pastures new! :)

    You're doing fine!

  • Ooh you went to the posh one. I was at Staffs ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Beautiful surroundings for a run but hills not so good! I don't think you need to repeat but in all honesty I personally probably would as I would want to prove to myself that I'd conquered it. It's a psychological thing for me... Which incidentally is what I studied at Staffs ๐Ÿ˜

  • Yeah, Keele sure is pretty!! :-) It's funny how many people on here seem to be so close to my homeland. I did Philosophy and EnglishLit, but know a lot of psychologists. I think the mental side is very important, but as W6R3 is the same as W7, I will move on. If I can't cope I'll repeat a week, but if I do then I'll blame the hills :-)

  • Hi yam,

    Good for you getting out there and doing it, but hills will affect you more, as you've never done them! best for you at the moment to stay on the flat while doing c25k, or it just makes it even harder for you. But but all means start doing hills afterwards to build your stamina..๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks :-) I'll certainly remember to re-run Keele woods once I've graduated and use it to build some stamina, that's for sure!!

  • Hi Yamiskoi,

    I think you put a lot of effort into your run today and you will reap the benefits in terms of strength and stamina. Take your rest day/days and start Week 7 on the flat. I'm sure you will be fine. :)

    Leave hills out and tackle them as a separate challenge once you have graduated....

    Well done for struggling through your run, put it down to experience. x

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