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Well, guess who is officially a runner?!

Week 6 Run 3 - I'm not gonna lie, I was rather apprehensive when I left the house and when I heard Laura say it was a 25 minute run I very nearly turned round and went home.

But I'm glad I didn't.

Because I totally ran for 25 minutes. Yep. ME. Wow. I even sped up for the last minute.

I must have looked so pleased with myself, as the group of teenage boys loitering in the playground gave me a round of applause, which I rather enjoyed.

I was too delighted by what Laura said at the end of the podcast not to tell you guys :D

Bring it on Week 7, I'm coming for you!

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Good to hear it went well considering run 2 was such a challenge. I'm going to attempt W6R3 within the next couple of days but it does scare the bejeezus out of me. That's awesome that the teenagers cheered for you! Good luck with week 7. :)


Yay, well done! :) Me too! (Just did W6R3 this morning).

Amazed about the teenagers cheering - think I'd have done quite a detour to avoid them, but that just goes to show how we shouldn't judge by appearances.

All the best for next week.


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