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“Officially a runner!”

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Week 6 Run 3 in the bag! Loved it at the end when Sarah (Millican) said I’m officially a runner now - not sure I believe it yet, it was tough tonight. I have no idea if my pace is fast or slow, sometimes it feels like I’m barely moving - my average pace was 7:35 according to my Fitbit (including the warm up and cool down walks) and fastest split was 6:27 - any clues as to whether that’s an ok pace?!

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Don't worry too much about your pace at the moment just focus on getting to the end of each run . Well done 😊

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Congratulations you RMR on officially becoming a runner with the completion of run 3 of week 6. Onwards and upwards to week 7 which are all 3/25 minute runs 🏃.

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Yes, you are a runner..pace, distance don't matter, what matters is that you are enjoying what you're doing...pushing yourself but achieving those goals...that's what matters...

Your pace is so much faster than when you were stuck on the couch.

Do you want to know how you compare to a 20 year old male or an octagenarian female..........they are all here and we are all different.

You are doing great, fellow runner.

Your pace is excellent. Mine is dead slow about 11 mins/km. But I am now expert at Japanese slow jogging. Eventually a target is to get 5k into 30 mins. I intend to work on that long after graduation.

The good thing about this program is we all have to run for 30 mins. All the details are our own.

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If you are happy and if you are not struggling.. then it's fine for you.. because it is your pace and that is all that matters:)

Slow and steady RUNNER and enjoy!

I never started my time recording until the start of the actual run and I didn't do any better than those times until after graduating. So yeah, I would say you're doing well.

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I was so chuffed when Laura told me that I was a runner! I can't believe the transformation that's happened in my mind this year having ran for the first time ever in my life. Now I'm running 3 times a week. Rarely making 5k but always a runner.

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I graduated January, I’ve just managed to get to 5K with a pace of 9.35per/km....so from my point of view your pace is amazing 😊🏃‍♀️

Thanks for all the replies! Clearly everyone has their own pace and being comfortable is what matters, but it’s good to know what I’m doing is about normal - it’s all about confidence!

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C25K is really ‘learn to run for 30 minutes’ but with a sexier title! You can always work on pace or distance later, but at the moment it’s all about duration. I run slowly all the time (m.youtube.com/watch?v=9L2b2... - I do this technique), this has enabled me to increase the duration of one run that meant that last Wednesday I ran for 50 minutes. That wouldn’t have been possible any other way, and somewhere around the 45 minute mark I hit 5k. Slow counts!

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Comparisons are odious, as the saying goes - especially since you’re so much faster than I am 😂

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