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W5r3 failed again :(

I was so well prepared for this run:

- frozen water check

- tissues check

- garmin charged

- mp3 ready

- big knickers check

I chose the route that I thought would be best and where I 'nearly' managed to complete it a month ago (before getting Unwell) I only managed 5 mins before every inch of my body hurt, breathing was horrendous and I had to stop, walked for a minute and tried again but just 'couldn't ' keep going, I ended up doing 3 k run/ walking just 2-5 minutes each time.

Trying not to be too disappointed, fingers crossed everyone please for third time lucky for my next attempt on Friday.

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okay - put it behind you - we all have bad days - or don't achieve what we think we should. My tactic for getting through those not wanting to 'fail' days - is to slow right up - with the aiming of finishing rather than being speedy - you can do it - I can hear the determination in your blog. i will be out Friday too - so i will be thinking of you.

But most of all remember you were out there doing more than most people - so hold your head high - if it was easy everyone would be doing it :-)


Try leaving the tech behind and just go for a 20 minute slow run. This should help you to just enjoy a no pressure run and have fun.

As above, we aal have off days and what matters is that you do it, which you do. So as the song says "don't worry be happy" :-)


I agree with alcopop, I got to week 8 and it was just hard work, so I got rid of my watch and podcast and just went for a light jog in the countryside, no pressure, really enjoyed it, and never looked back. Now running 5k in 35 mins.I just try and enjoy the running now, no pressure. You will get there,but its not easy for everyone.Good luck.


Fingers crossed for you for Friday! Sounds as if you've been poorly recently so you have a good reason for taking your time getting back to fitness. Laughed at the 'big pants' bit! That's definitely a girl thing! I know exactly what you mean :-)


Thanks for all your kind comments & advice, i think I over planned the run (if you can do such a thing) my daughter plans to come with me on Wednesday so think we'lljust run and see what happens x


It took me three attempts to nail W5R3, and that was without being poorly. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep chipping away at it, it'll be worth all the effort!


Don't try to run a route which you have already failed to complete, you develop a mental block about this route & will fail it every time, try a different route for your next run.




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