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C25k really works - 3 runs to go!

Can I change my user name? I want to become IDIDITon Sunday. I had a good run today as there was a long hill but for the first time did just over 4km. I think a lot of the distance running is knowing that you won't collapse and need an ambulance if you try a little bit more each run because you can always slow down!

This is a brilliant programme. People at work are commenting on my change of shape. As with lots of others, my weight hasn't changed much but I went to a posh do on Saturday and stood tall and felt glamorous.

If you are just starting, believe me this works.


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well done on getting through the programme and your new figure :-)

Not long to go for you now... good luck for your graduation run :-)


Well done! It's posts like this that keep me going!


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