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Week 1 Run 1:- repeated :)

Hi :) So I stuck with my decision to repeat week 1 completely after my awful run on Friday. It went very well and I did manage to complete all the runs today - still red-faced and out of breath but I did it!!!

I did a lot of thinking over the weekend and one thing occurred to me - on Friday whilst doing the runs I was very very thirsty - so I went out and bought one of those hand-held running bottles and today put about 250mls of cold water in and sipped it when I needed to - I'm convinced that thirst was my problem on Friday. The water really helped me today :)

It was also weigh day today and I've lost 2.5lbs which I'm delighted with :) I'm also managing at least 10,000 steps per day (not including the runs of course) and feeling pretty positive at the mo.

All in all, I'm glad I'm repeating the week - I look at it as a side-ways step - and it means I can move forwards next week.

Hope you all have good runs and an excellent week :) Take care xxx.

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Well done! I started week 1 yesterday and was ok but I was wondering whether to take water out with me next time and having read your post, I think I will. Well done on the weight loss too by the way. Keep it up.


Hi windywoo. Well done with today's run and also the weight loss. I totally agree with you about taking water on your run. I've been taking my little pink runners water bottle out with me almost from the start of the programme and I started in February when the weather was freezing! I remember the first run with my magic bottle was so much better. I usually take lots of small sips during my warm up walk and as and when required whilst running. Whatever is left is my reward at the end of the run. I've just been out with my dog on the park next to our house & he's just completed his first 5k with me. Today I had to share my water by pouring it into the palm of my hand for him!! Lovely!! Happy running. Claire. X


My 9 year old gave me a water bottle after my first week - 'here you go mummy; you need this more than I do'.... ouch! but the running was so much better when I could take the sips during the walking stages.


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