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Boys &bikes

Didn't get out until 9pm last night for a run so decided to just do the local roads, I've been stuck on w5 after having a month off and the doc saying not to exert myself too much!!

As soon as I started running I was joined by a small lad who only looked about 5 shouting at me run fat lady run!! He stayed with me for 5 mins until I threatened to knock on his mums door and tell her what he was saying! Round the corner &into the next road saw me joined by 4 teenage lads on bikes who were 'kindly' cheering me on while commenting on my 'jiggly bits' before they got bored and rode off lol.

On the positive side I ran 10 minutes without stopping which didn't make me cough any more that usual so moving onto w5r3 tomorrow.

On the negative side I think perhaps a trip to m&s may be a good idea to spend some money on an enhanced anti jiggling shock absorber lol.

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Well done on your run and on battling the boys... they can be so annoying, had a couple laugh at me today and circle round me but no comments!

I noticed that my jiggly bits were jiggling more too (using my older shock absorber), think it's time to go for the tighter hooks now a few more pounds have gone! Yay! :-)


Well done for getting back out there. Funny blog, made me laugh, hope the last run of week 5 goes well and that you manage to get the jiggly bits sorted :-D


Oh poppy you've made my day, I hadn't thought that I may be more jiggly due to weight loss but you're right yipeeeeee


Abso-blooming-lutely true Alley-d! Chances are that you are slimming down in some body areas even if you don't feel as if you've lost weight! Your muscles are building/toning and replacing fat...sadly, they weigh more! So, slimmer to look at, undies a size smaller required, trousers - move the button over etc etc, but often same weight! However, eventually weight loss will be evident on the scales too. Then, you'll be able to biff the little oik as you whizz by and you'll probably have to contend with wolf-whistles from the testosterone-loaded older lads! LOL :D

Ps, check out online suppliers of 'shock absorbers' - they might be cheaper than M&S ;)

Cheers, Linda x


Great that you kept on going even if the annoying boys annoyed you! Kids can be pests at times! Hope you will sort out your 'bits', and congrats again for doing this! Good luck to you for your future runs!


Congratulations on getting out there again. Other people, or kids, can be annoying but you will have the last laugh. I know my weight loss and exercise, now it's showing results, has put a few noses out of joint. Their problem, not mine. Good luck with the rest of your runs.


I find that the best way to counter kids like it is to completely ignore them. They really do have the attention span of gnats and soon loose 'interest' if they don't get a reaction.

One thing I have heard is that they try to get reactions by goading people, film them and post them on-line, so just ignore them.


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