TOP TIP for C25K'ers!

I've noticed a few peeps on here citing niggles, aches and pains in their legs. Do yourselves a favour and if you can afford to, purchase a foam roller. These things are EXCELLENT for ironing out creases, niggles and aches on your legs. Now admittedly when you first use them it F****NG hurts like hell!! But use it well (and google some youtube vids to see how) and you'll find that the foam roller will be your friend and good bit of kit to have in your locker.

Here's a cheap one . There are various others if they take your fancy.

Just thought I'd mention it!

Happy running folks.

Yer pal



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16 Replies

  • Have to agree with you Dan, when I went to gym on go referral my trainer told me I have very tight hamstrings and calves and as well as stretching for flexibility he said best bit of kit to invest in was a foam roller 👍

    I bought a cheap one and result was astounding. Have since lost the roller in House moves but waiting on a new one

  • How can you "lose" a foam roller? It's not as if you can fold it up and put it at the back of a drawer somewhere 🤔

  • Believe me it can be done😂 Think it got either thrown away or left behind as I was away working at the time but won't happen again :)

  • I understand how it can happen especially if you are living with other people. My husband, not knowing what it was, thought my yoga mat would make a good bottom for our new puppies temporary pen--so he cut it to fit. :(

  • oops--puppy's

  • Agree with the foam roller. It has really worked for me

  • and make sure you get your online guidance from someone who knows what they are talking about. I have seen countless videos of people whizzing up and down on their foam rollers like it was the carousel at an airport. That will do you no benefit at all and possibly damage.

    watch this video from about 1.50

    or this one

  • Thanks for the info everyone

  • Lol I just got the rolling pin out and had a go with that the other day, worked a treat!

  • Love the roller :)

  • I think I should talk to someone about the relationship I have with my foam rollers 😖

    I have three 😩

  • Oops I have 3 too!! Got one for my dads house for after run club and a smooth and knobbly one at mine!! Ooh-er! !! 😊

  • Great minds think alike Ali as I keep one at my mums too. Those knobbly ones are wicked but they don't half work 😖

  • I definitely have a strong love/hate relationship with my foam roller but boy does it work

  • I agree- finding a foam roller has made such a massive difference to life in the Wheels' household. One daughter is a gymnast and is always injured. Mr W has back problems and goes into spasm at the drop of a hat (well usually picking up the hat). I have a niggly hip problem. However, I'm not sure what the neighbours think about the noises emanating from our house :)

  • Definitely, my physio recommended using a foam roller for my calf 😊

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