Still undecided about the C25K+ podcasts?

There have been a number of posts here about whether or not to give the + podcasts a go - here's the proof that they work! Today I got 2 PBs, fastest KM 6 mins 29, and fastest mile - 10.29, and all of it under 7 mins per KM. I don't say this to blow my own trumpet, ok just a little toot lol. My first ever 5K was about 9 mins 45 per KM, I never thought I would be capable of what I did today. Please, please give them a go, Laura never let you down did she?

Here's my Garmin link if anyone is interested


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  • Nice one curlygurly!

    I keep thinking I'm running to her tempo but then I find when I look back at my pace, I really haven't lol.

    Must try harder m'thinks!

    Well done on the PBs!! ☺

  • Toot toot WOOT! Well done you! that's an impressive improvement in time. I'm still not convinced that Laura and I will be making it out the door together again, though. :D

  • You don't need these podcasts, you're doing brilliantly on your own! I need Laura to chase me with a big stick to get me moving!

  • Not running anywhere today. I've got sinusitis. :(

  • Oh no :-( just when its become bearable out there...hope you feel better soon xx

  • Yay that's great you're feeling that improvement, glad the c25k+ is working for you. I am definitely one of those who remain to be convinced but I guess I should just go back and try them again! I'm also getting under 7min/km times now, it's amazing isn't it! I wonder if the slightly cooler weather helps too, perhaps the summer heat has held us back more than we realised.

  • Hear hear to the weather thing. I have really stagnated over the summer months. Last year I was going through the programme and getting up at some ungodly hour so I could get to the park before all the hounds and their walkers, so I didn't encounter the heat and humidity (are we really talking about the UK?). This year I have been much lazier in the mornings (son has been off school since mid June after GCSEs, so there was no incentive to get out of bed), and have found my enthusiasm and energy somewhat sapped. My speed and endurance have gone backwards by some stretch. But the last couple of runs have been in much cooler conditions, and it feels so much easier. I forced myself to do Week 2 podcast today running as fast as I could in the running bits and walking in the walking bits, and it nearly killed me. I like the plus podcasts, but I find I can't run at the low bpm in the slower bits of the speed one and then I feel like I'm cheating a bit ... the stamina one suits me though.

  • You already have a very high cadence, I know! These podcasts probably aren't much use to you. Kudos for using W2, that way you can go at your own cadence. I did W1 once, I'll give W2 a go - one day maybe!

  • Hello Useit !

    Are you okay ? I was just wondering about you the other day and that we don't seem to hear from you much these days :-)

    Hope all is well with you and good to see you again ! :-) xxx

  • Not bad thanks Popster - still getting out there. Nothing momentous to report. September feels like the start of the new year for us due to medium sized boy being the focus, so I am hoping for some renewed enthusiasm! X

  • I agree ☺

    They've really worked for me too. I feel that even if you think you're not too interested in increasing speed or stamina they provide some good variety, an option to get a quick work out and they become a bit addictive when you see the results and realise what you're capable of.

    Well done on the brilliant progress ☺

  • Exactly! I can always slip the Speed one in somewhere, 16 mins is nice and short!

  • Well done Curly, you should definitely be blowing your own trumpet πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸ˜ƒ

    I agree, I really like the plus podcasts, I like the structure, being told what to do. I find the stepping stone too slow to start but it's good to mix them all up. I don't know if I'm faster, perhaps a tiny bit but my endurance has improved.

    So yes, give them a go, especially if you miss Laura.

  • Brilliant ! Well done Curly, positive proof that they do the trick !

    Yes , definitely worth blowing your trumpet, in fact I think you should have the whole brass section for that !

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • I did like the Stamina one but coulnt get on with Stepping Stone

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