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7/2 without Laura

So this was my first run without Laura for a while. Fired up Spotify and Runtastic and set out with Mollie, the Westie. Well, for some reason Runtastic doesn't stop the music when played via Spotify so I didn't hear when my five mins walk was up. Got started a minute or so late. Then, got a thought in my head: the oven, have I turned it off. So had to stop to ring my teenager to go check. (Imagine how that went down). The Great God of teenagers looked down on my puffing, beetroot self though and had its revenge. Spotify started playing One Direction. So I finished my 'run' with Harry Styles in my ears. And the dog rolled in horse poo.

I am still very slow. I upped my pace in the last minute or so to that which I would have to do to do 5k in 30 mins. Can't see how I will ever do this...

Anyway, off to deal with the dog, the teenager and my son's cricket whites. (Why white? Whose idea was that?)

Happy running everyone


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What is it with dogs and poop? LOL It's awful when thoughts of leaving something on pop into your head, lucky for you someone was home to check. ;-)

Good luck with your next run.


Haha, sounds like an interesting run! Must admit I think I would prefer Laura to One Direction though...


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