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W6R2 done

W6R2 done

I waited until a bit later this evening to run, it was so warm today. Can't complain :)

It was lovely out there and less lovely in my legs. Mind over matter was the name of the game. I'm a bit worried about W6R3, but will try to stay positive.

The photo is from the end of my run, back down the Rue Principale in our Alsace village. It made me smile.

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Stick with the 'mind-over-matter' principle and you'll do just fine! See how far you've come recently :) and in such a pretty location too! You're now about to start uninterrupted runs. Truly, don't be frightened ... theyre the best!! A chance to find a comfy pace, locate the elusive runners' 'zone' (if you haven't already) and a chunk of 'me' time to really enjoy. You can easily start to use your own music now too if you wish. All the very best of luck, Linda :D


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