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That's week 8 done!

W8R3 - another good run. I ran a whole road further than my last run. I calibrated my ipod after my run so I should be getting accurate distances and pace from now on. I ran 3.4km in 28 minutes so I'm still very slow but at least I've got something to work on after graduation! The last few minutes were a lot easier tonight so I should be fine with 30 minutes next week and will just work on trying to be faster.

I've just downloaded the couch25k+ podcasts ready for after week 9.

Can't believe I've only got 3 runs to go!

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Well done, we're a day ahead of you. It's amazing how far we've come! Can't believe its been 2 months!


Thanks and well done to you too! I started in March so it's more like 4 months for me but I'm determined to graduate next week!


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