Run hard, be strong, think big

Hello everyone!

Well after my elation at achieving 10k I then had the dip as my knees hurt alot :(

I decided I had gone to far too soon ( I blame Laura as after stamina there was nothing left but Audiofuels 'silky steve' who seems to think we can keep going forever. I did do ( and I am planning) a few things to rectify the situation:

1. I had an excursion to Holland and Barret and a very nice spotty man talked to me for ages about my needs, then gave me a tub of glucosamine/ chondroitin. They are beasts to swallow but what the heck if they help....the kids went crazy in there as I was so engrosed in my 'consultation'!

2. Doing strengthening exercises which feel great

3. Going for a trip to the special running shoe shop in Bristol on Friday ( annual leave day hooray!!!) where I am hoping a nice man will sort me out

4. Been swimming lots doing a mile. I had a meeting near Topsham today and found they had an open air it was fab I felt so good and knees so much better

5. Going for a run with my boy tomorrow and hoping it will be ok I cant wait

6. Running has become my new passion in life I just LOVE IT....going cold turkey has been hard

7. Sitting here with a face mask on just for good measure

Happy running all and I have felt so fueled up by your fab blogs...thankyou


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  • Sorry to hear your knees are giving you jip, I know that feeling, looks like you're taking care of yourself, it won't be long and you'll be back to full strength :-) but don't rush to early and prolong the injury....good luck :-)

  • Thankyou so much Phil, your blogs are so inspiring! I so hope you are right, I'm desperate to get back out there again :)

  • A good list. It sounds like everything that you can do is being done :)

    I have started a notebook, placed in my kitchen, where I list everything I should do in the day. I never used to do this, but thought it might be fun. I think I may have caught your list-bug ;)

  • Thats so fab...lists are just great, I never got on with mind maps, far too complicated. I love the thrill of crossing things off, and if I have done something I haven't got on my list I add it on just so I can have the pleasure of crossing it off! I am SO SAD!!


  • I do that too!!!! :O

  • I have been taking cod liver oil tablets for some time and I think it is time I moved on to the glucosamine. let me know how you get on with them (I guess it will take a while to have any effect)

    We have an open air pool near by, but I am too chicken to get in that cold water just yet :-D

    Did you get some new shoes? How are they?

  • Not sure of effect yet but I have high hopes!!!

    Get in that water, its invigorating and good for your skin ( the Lido where I swim is usually about 21 so its really very warm)

    New shoes are fab....I am wearing them now as the lady said I should wear them in round the house. They were 100 quid ( Brooks) but I had a 20 min consultation and tried on loads, she watched me walk/ run in them and also diagnosed my 'problem'. I can't wait to get out there with them. Knees still sore so having a break, I may go tomorrow fingers crossed


  • I can certainly testify for the Brooks - I was in bog standard £15 managers specials until I got fitted for them - and what a difference they have made.

    good luck with the knee & don't be tempted to push too much or you might risk making it worse!

  • Hi MatthewW ...You are right, my cheapo shoes had nothing on the Swanky Brooks, they just powered me on tonight...was wondering how you were getting on with your 'meat/veg' clothing dilemma???


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