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W5R3 - TICK!!!

I was pretty worried about this one - but I did it!!

After a very stressful and long day at work, before I started this programme, I would have headed home for a giant glass of wine, a comfy sofa and been a bit grumpy.

Tonight I nearly didn't go running as I though that I'd be too tired and then fail and then the above would apply anyway! However, I decided that I felt like I needed to achieve something today and only I could do this - so I had a go and I ran away the demons. It's a beautiful evening, Weasel was raring to go and it just . . . worked.

I extended the run a little by doing an extra 3 minutes or so then a longer walk, and managed 5k in 42 mins. I'm really pleased as I felt that my running was much slower due to having to pace myself for the 20 minutes. I did try to walk at a really good speed though and I think my legs feel better for it.

Phew - glad that's over - it was definitely the most daunting so far.

Onwards and upwards!!!!

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Congrats! The 20 min run is more of a challenge to the mind than the body. I am glad you got over it!


Congrats indeed! The challenge on the longer runs is definitely more mental from this point in the program - aind doesn't go away (or at least, it didn't for me - I still struggle with that! ).

Great that the run gave you a release from the frustrations of work, though. Much more positive than just hitting the booze - and the real plus is that after the run, the booze will act as an enhancer to the endorphins so will extend your feeling good factor rather than encourage you to wallow on the comfy sofa.


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