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WK6 Run 3

Now that was tough! I don't know if it was the heat, but I was so thankful when Laura said one minute to go. I'm not a morning person but as the weather is going to be warm for a few days, I think a morning run is inevitable, yikes! On the other hand I can see the appeal, quiet, not hot. It's getting up at 6.30am that's requires a lot of motivation on my part. Anyway it seems the first 8-10 mins are when the gremlins are out. Today they were saying, 'It's too hot, maybe you're not going to run for 25 minutes after all. Then the song came on, 'so easy now,' and I said, 'yes it is!' Luckily there was no one around!! After that I was fine and just kept going...


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I think a lot of us will be running early to avoid the heat!


I've just done this run too! Thrilled to complete it :)


Hi, I run first thing in the morning and am always amazed by the runners on here that run in the evening. The idea of running after a full day of chasing after kids, making dinner, doing chores is exhausting and if I worked like most of the people in this community I can't imagine how hard it would be! I go at 6.20 in the morning, I leave my gear ready in a little pile and I roll out of bed, get dressed, wash my face and I'm out the door and then it's done for the day. You'll be amazed how much energy you have!

Anyway, good on you for doing the run! It was the special "now you're a runner" run wasn't it? good luck for the rest of the plan! :)


Congrats on completing week 6, enjoy your non stop runs, you will get used no intervals it can take everyone a good few minutes to find the groove / rhythm, but when you do enjoy the rest of the run :-)


I love that "so easy now" song at the end of this weeks podcasts! It's funny how the last 5 minutes are so much easier than the first five, once you've finally got into "the zone". I've started to feel like I could just keep going for ages, so really looking forward to the longer runs now rather than all the stopping and starting.


Thanks all, yes it's great once you're in the rhythm. Congrats 'Purplestripe', I've just finished 2nd run of week 7. Not long now eh:)

Oh yes 'Crismatlotta' I'd forgotten that i am a runner!!

Happy running to everyone,

Susie :)


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