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First post grad run!

Just hopped out the shower after my first post grad run! And oh my, I was sweating like a beast!

Thought I'd give Stepping Stone a go because I don't think I'm ready to give up on Laura just yet... and I love it! I really like the fact that there's a lot of talking/input from her. It means I can concentrate on what she's saying rather than on how much I was sweating!

Another great thing about the podcast is that it works you soo hard, I ran 4.19km in 30 mins which I think is my PB to date! Looking forward to using the other podcasts!

I'm so excited because this blog will be posted with my graduate badge, still in shock that I actually graduated on Sunday, doesn't feel real!

Happy running everyone!

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Well done you. Congratulations on your graduation! I graduated last Monday and I have done four runs since then, using Laura. Like you I too don't want to give up Laura just yet! Haven't quite found the confidence to start using the 5K+ podcasts just yet, I think i'm too chicken!. I have listened to them and they seem quite challenging!


Wow, 4 runs! Stepping stone is quite challenging but it is doable, it made me reach my PB so they're definitely worth it! Just remember we can physically do it because of ll the training we've done, you just need to get past the mind gremlins! :D Rachel x



I graduated back in march and i still use laura! i did go solo for a while but really struggled to keep myself motivated and on a few occasions stopped after 15mins turned around and walked home, but i dont think my choice of music was motivating me the same!

I use the stepping stones and week 9 podcast, i find that speed is excellent and it's much easier to get through the intervals with Laura counting with me - she disctracts me from feeling knackered lol.

anyway congratulations once again

Abi :-)


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