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Everest conquered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooooo pleased with myself. I have just finished week 6 run 3...this was the 3rd time I have tried it. I realised that I was trying to "run" too quickly & as a lot of you lovely people have said forget about the speed. But I actually speeded up a bit for the last minute when Laura urged me to.

I'm still shy about "running" with others as I know I will hold them up & I am still surprised I overtake people taking their dogs for a walk.

Am walking about with a big grin on my face all day. Come on wrinklies get with the programme!!!!!

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Isn't it an amazingly grin-making feeling, eh? W6.R3 is a nemesis run for many and you've cracked it !! Well done you !!

Now you have only continuous runs ahead of you - hope you enjoy those as much as today's. I loved that about now I found the elusive 'zone' and just loved running at a steady, comfy pace, feeling energised all the way. Keep grinning and running in the sunshine ... all the way to your graduation :)

Cheers, Linda :D


Hurray!!!! That feel good factor is worth the slog don't you think?


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