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...but can I keep running, plleeaasseee!!??

I'm having my knee x -rayed as it's still going stiff after a run. It's not getting worse though, I couldn't even run 2 months ago and was limping about. All down to a quad strain (I'm hoping). Although the doc said it could be cartilage wearing down and reminded me of my age, hmm! (I'm 40 something)!

Anyway, my main worry was, 'Can I still run??? 'Yes, was the answer.'

I sighed with relief, then after thought I really have been bitten by the running bug!!


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Bad doctor, mine asks me if I'm still running and when I say "Yes" his comment is "Well done you". Have you got a date yet for the x-ray? Also have you tried doing some good running stretches after your runs? Hope all goes well for you.


Oh I think he was being diplomatic! No I just go along to the clinic and they do it there and then. Yes am foam rolling, strengthening and stretching,also having two rest days. I'll graduate yet!!

Thanks 'oldgirl' and happy running to you.



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