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Flat Abs

Is it correct that to get a flat stomach you need to shed all the excess body fat first?

I was just wondering whether i need to do some ab exercises as well as my running. I run 4 times per week for about 40 minutes. I was just wondering whether the running is enough on it's own or whether i need to do additional exercises to achieve good abs in the long term

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Hi ratbag,

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I do think the only way to a flat stomach is to firstly burn off excess fat - the level of running you're doing is good - but you'll also need to do exercises such as the plank, and crunches, in order to tone up the ab muscles and give them that definition we're all hankering after! And, of course, eating healthily aswell to keep the muscles lean. I am currently hating my stomach at the moment and seriously need to sort my diet out! Unfortunately I don't think there's a hard and fast way to a flat stomach (how typical!), but give it time and you'll get there. You could always try some high intensity interval training for an extra fat-burning boost?


Broadly agree with the above. However there are a multitude of ways to develop a flat stomach. The abs are just one area of the muscles known as your core. Rather than focusing on your abs, you'll get much greater aesthetic and functional benefits from doing exercises to strengthen your core such as better posture, balance, upper body strength all of which will reduce your chance of injury and everyday wear and tear.


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