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Wow! I really am a runner now!

Not that I didn't believe Laura but I've just done my first 10k road race. I can hardly believe it. Graduated in March and thought I might have a go at the fun run. But last week as I ran 10k in training I thought I'd have a go at the 10k instead. Got up at the crack of dawn to get one of the few late entries (I was in the last 10 to get in) Every year I've been on the sidelines watching our local 10k race but this year I actually took part. Still can't actually believe I am a runner and how much I've achieved since January when I couldn't run for a minute without needing to be resuscitated! Couch to 5k is amazing and to all of you out there who have started this keep at it. If I can do it believe me anyone can!

And thank you to all of you for your encouragement! I'm not a good blogger, but I look in here as often as I can and have found all your blogs and experiences really helpful.


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Congrats on that. I can't wait to enter my first official run and have my dad on the sidelines after so many years watching him run marathons, triathlons, tough guys etc even if it's only a fraction of those lol


Brilliant ! Well done :-)


That's amazing in less than 6 months, well done Maggiesax! :-)


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