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Ouch...sunburn, blisters & jogging & techno help needed

Lovely day today and had lunch and a walk with a friend...stupidly got sunburnt legs as for the first time in 35 years I wore shorts (exercise has boosted my confidence a bit). Went for a walk in newish pumps and got blisters...ouch.

Home and although I did W8r1 on Friday morning, I knew if I left my jog until tomorrow, my red raw burning legs and sore blistered feet would mean going out would be impossible. So I went for it...managed 35 mins too (although walking home was hard as my legs were done).

Fed up with the music though...any tips on where to get better things to jog too; need to be told the time as my dyslexia means I have no idea without beng told.

I have an iphone5 but have no idea how to get the various runnng distance, time things to work so any tips would be gratefully received.

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Lots of free apps. At moment I'm using map my run but once I'm off the podcasts I think I'll switch to run keeper as it allows in app playing of music. At the moment I play podcast then log run after. Both these apps allow you to get voice notifications at different times and/or distances. I also downloaded run gap app - it syncs results for different apps if you use more than one. They both display maps of where you ran and give pace etc after.


Hey TeaAye,

Good work on the boosted confidence. Bad news on the blisters & sun burn though :(

Grab your iPhone, jump onto the Appstore and download RunKeeper, Strava, Endomondo or any other fitness app. They seem to be the popular 3. Both my wife & I use Runkeeper as it's free.

That'll log your runs, times, distance, calories and elevation. It'll also allow you to play your own music. You can program your own plans too. You won't be able to have Laura speaking on her own over your own music but RunKeeper will allow you to input week 8 & 9 as seperate run types and you'll get a voice in your headphones telling you when to start & stop.

That's what I done towards the end of the programme, the music just got worse throughout the 9 weeks :(

Good luck & shout if you need any help :)


the iSmoothrun app works for me, you can post your runs to runkeeper, nike + and loads of others too. Most importantly it runs really nicely in the background so at the moment I use Nike Running. I have added custom runs of the remaining program so I can record that then once finished I will happily be playing my own music thank the lord!

For the time being I'll still listen to Laura 'cos she still drops the golden nugget in every now and again.


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