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W7R3 almost didn't go

Had a bad case of the "don't wanna, can't make me" 's today. Motivation plummeted like a stone after my 3k event. Ran with my own music today which helped. Missed Laura a bit but i kind of remembered what she'd said in the podcast the last two times so it was ok. Need to change my route perhaps too. This one is so convenient as it's a park about 1k around 3 mins from my house.... But I think a drive somewhere else won't do me any harm, or even pounding the pavements somewhere else.

Anyway, I've decided on a date for my first parkrun. 16th July. That's two weeks to graduate, then 3 weeks to get to 5k based on a guesstimate and 10% increase each week. Plus another week for luck. And I'm going whatever my times are even if that means I will definitely be last. :-)

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Awww lizfish, well done you!

Yep, one tends to miss Laura a bit, but once she's told you you're a runner, then it's great to go with your own tunes too :)

Yes, agree, once you're into the longer runs, the repetition of w1-6 scenery can actually become a bit tedious, and kind of contributes to losing ones momentum. Step out a bit further if you can or drive somewhere else. I did exactly that and found a new sense of adventure to accompany the longer last few outings :)

Yes, absolutely top marks for your planning ahead strategy. You've considered all the possible hiccups and set a realistic date for your first ParkRun.;)

Here's wishing you all the luck necessary to see you through the last two weeks of the programme. Have fun, and I look forward to your graduation blog soon! :D

Cheers, Linda x


Good on you for getting out! I'm thinking about doing week 8 to my own music too, maybe do run 1 with laura (just to see what she says!) and then go it alone. I'm a great one for singing along so it might make me over think things less!

Here's to week 8!


Thanks for the replies! I find having a plan really motivating. People actually thought doing c25k sounded restrictive. I love knowing what's coming up and following a programme with loads of others. Why would I want to miss out on that?


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