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This should be a post about my third run of week one, instead it's a post about the dangers of owning a dog, no not the usualy dangers of falling over them, or being bitten by them, but the danger that when you bend down, they jump up and your eye socket collides with their skull!

This results in having an egg protruding from ones eyebrow, a cracking headache, nausea and great annoyance at the fact that one probably shouldn't do a run with concussion!

Oh and for those of you that are worried about the dog - he's absolutely fine if a bit miffed that he's missed out on his run tonight! My first thought was for him, I actually looked at my watch to make sure the vets were still open as I checked his skull out before I eventually went and checked my own out!

The first day we've had decent weather this week, I was actually looking forward to the run!

New plan is to do it tomorrow night instead.


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Oh dear! Hope the shiner goes down quickly and glad your dog Ok!


Ouch! I've had similar when my dog met my face as I bent over to do up my shoes. Split lip though so luckier than you. I've also done the classic falling over the dog when they suddenly move in front of you to get a discarded bit of take-away on the pavement! Grrr!


Oh no. Poor you. Thats got to be a sore 1. Hope your feeling a bit better today. My dogs terrible for that jumping up and headbutting, usually my jaw, and rattling my teeth lol then looking at me as if im to blame haha the joys of pets eh ! Good luck for your run when you get out. :-)


Thanks folks - ended up in A&E this morning to get my eye/skull checked out, Olli has managed to fracture the bone directly behind my eyebrow - it's only a small fracture (less than 1cm) thankfully, nothing to be done, just up the painkillers I already take for a couple of days, take it easy and usual head injury rules apply!


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