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I am definitely a Runner!

Wasn't looking forward to today's run, just had niggles of pain and just felt as if the body wasn't quite right. It was also raining :-( I haven't actually run in the rain as yet. Today I had to my run as I put the run off yesterday due to the rain!

So out I went with my new toy the Garmin Forerunner 10. Started my Garmin when I started running and did my first mile in 11.45 minutes, quite pleased with that I thought, and this rain is actually quite nice! Breathing was good and yes I think I was actually enjoying it. So into the next mile and all is ok. With about 10 minutes still to go I had to find some new paths as my planned route had ended, so carried on into an estate and the paths were awful, but managed to continue. With about 2 minutes to go my Achilles' tendon on my good ankle started to hurt, I said to myself you have to keep going, pain was getting a little worse but not awful, so on to the finish, the 25 minutes was up and I had covered 2.06 miles. My second mile was a little slower 12.45 minutes.

Slow, I know but I am chuffed to bits. :-) :-)

3 months ago I couldn't even run for 2 minutes. I've had 6 weeks without running in that period due to pulled ankle tendons and have lost 6lb in weight and reduced my body area by 8 inches, 3" from bust, 3" from waist and 2" from hips :-)

Hope my next run is as good :-)

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Magnificent ! well doneyou!

I also used to put it off, but now love running in the rain.


Well done, you are getting closer and closer to graduation ... And an all-weather runner at that! Be proud and jog/ blog on. Chuffed is good, and 100% OK . Measurements are great too :)

Another blooming wet and darkish morning here in the SE... tee hee gotta get out there ;)

Cheers, Linda


Great run, I'm sure your getting used to noting which road have shocking pavements :-)


Well done :) I live in wales need I add I haven't been out when it was dry but my fitness is so poor it keeps me cool :)


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