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Week 6 is not a good week

So after a very enjoyable weekend, this week started badly and has just gotten worse :-(

After a terrible run 1 of week 6 I set off on run 2 with little optimism and boy was I right - so far this week anything that could go wrong has gone wrong :-( And to top it all off I've hurt my leg!!

It was a little painful when I set off but I assumed it was just the normal aches a pains, but about 2 minutes into the first run I was reduced to hobbling/hopping around. The right side of my leg just above my ankle is really sore and swollen, so for the first time in this whole programme I was forced to give up and go home. I feel really down now, its just topped off a very bad week :-(

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Sorry to hear this. I haven't got that far in the programme yet, I'm only in week 5, but I can imagine how frustrating it must have felt. You're doing amazingly well and I'm sure after a bit of rest for your leg you'll be back out there running stronger than ever.

Try and stay positive. You can do it!!


Oh dear, poor you :( Swollen bits are not a good sign! Get out the ice pack/frozen peas and apply on and off through the day if you can. Raise your leg while resting too ... cos rest is almost certainly required! Seek a doctor's/sports physio's opinion if you are still swollen in 24 hours. Take care of yourself and you'll soon be running again, but running on a damaged limb might set you back many weeks... So extra caution right now is recommended!

Most importantly, though, don't get 'down' ... We all have stink runs, days, weeks etc but keeping positive and happy will spur you on to healing and completing the challenge soon - you're so close now, with all the lovely, uninterrupted runs ahead - they're the best bit :) So, chin up, feet up, rest properly and think nice, happy, positive thoughts only, while your ankle heals and strengthens. Linda


Oh me too! (-ish, yours sounds worse!) I set off for week 6 run 2 last night and 4 mins into the first run I either pulled something in my calf or got terrible cramp which made me stop running I walked a circuit anyway hoping that this would be gentle enough to ease the calf off and it did to a certain extent. So demoralising though! My calf feels pretty stiff this morning but I'll live. Hope your injury is better soon.


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