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Week 7 done!

I found today quite hard, but got through it. I think it was partly coz I didn't have a drink of water before we went out. Still we ended up going slightly faster then last time. (At one point. we got overtaken by a couple of faster young men, who then went realy fast. But then they stopped so it must hace been their last blast.) Only slightly. I feel like our timings / pace are very erratic, it feels steady ish at the time but the stats after say otherwise. Having said that, when we hit the path that marks the home straight (as it were) we start to knowingly speed up a little and we try to run for the last 60 (tho today I thought that would kill me!). Can't believe in a couple of days we will do 28 mins. I think we'll need 3 loops of our field for that!

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Congrats. 2 weeks to go! I did w7r1 yesterday. Did the distance you covered increase during the week?


It did - very slightly! Still under 4k though so I think it'll be a while before we hit 5k!


Well done. Getting through the week. only 2 weeks to go for you then you've done it. :-)


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