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WK4 run2

Still elated I have just done wk4 run 2. I am amazed how good I feel. I kept it "easy and realaxed" Greenlegs. It is not the slog I have found in the earlier weeks. I did 4K in this one so I think I am on track to be able to do the "Race for Life" in Southport on the 9th June. I know I won't be able to run it all but by then I will be onto the running 20 Mins. so it is a good start.

Having read other bloggs before I started writing this I noticed some comments about being emotional. I am too but it is the first tune which is played on the last 5mins walk which does it to me. I think it so beautifull it just takes me to another place. Does anybody know what this piece of music is? Happy running everyone.

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Congrats! I just did it too. W4R2 check :)


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