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My first failure

I could tell setting out this morning it was going to be a tough run. Some days are just like thus, I think.

Day before yesterday I had a brilliant run and went over the 25 minutes with ease. Today was a struggle from the start and at 21 minutes my legs just stopped running. I walked the rest of the way.

So, it's the first time I've not completed a run. I thought I'd feel rubbish, but I don't. If needs be I'll repeat week 7. If I find in 2 days I can do 28 mins then I will and I'll just count today as a "blip". The way I see it, I still got out there and 21 minutes is better than none.

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Absolutely, any run is better than no run!

I am starting Week 4 tomorrow, and am wondering how 5 minutes is going to go, so believe me 21 minutes from where I am is pretty darn good.

Keep it up!!


No such thing as a failure in running, like you said at least you ran 21 minutes, better than none at all. Even the best runners have to struggle on occasion:-) Week 7 was my repeat week.

Good luck with your next run. :-)


Everyone has bad days thats life and if you think even on a bad day you can run 21 minutes well done you!!! Think back to just a few short weeks ago how thrilled you would have been to think soon I will be able to run 21 minutes well now you can even on a bad day!!!

Happy Running!!!


Boy, oh boy does this sound familiar or what?! Remember that kind of run so well, and I think I too plummeted after a previously good outing, so it also came as a bit of a wake up call! Don't worry, you have adopted exactly the right, positive attitude and it will now carry you on to graduation very soon. As others have said - we've all had these horrid days ... Push it behind you and go onwards :) Yay, and yubba dubba doo! There you go again :D

All the best for next time, Linda ;)


I know exactly how you feel! My first run on Week 7 was hard but I managed to finish. I expected the second run to be easier too. It wasn't! I did finish but really struggled and i have never been so red in the face. Didn't feel too good either for the first time. I ran less distance and slower when I checked my stats. Was thinking on the way round, maybe I will stop at this week!! But it is just too near to the goal to give up now. I am sure we must get bad days and good days and the next run will be good! Today the best bit was when it stopped!!! Perhaps we should jut repeat this week again if we need to, after all there is not ia time limit and we are all so much better than in Week One!!


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