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W6R3 - apparently fat lads can run!!

It's official because Laura told me so - "I am officially a runner"... which sounds blooming marvelous.

But what this really means is that this fat lad is 2/3rds on his way through this whole thing - and is one more week closer to graduating with the fun run.

Anyway onto today's numbers & I am so pleased with my little self - I managed to keep an average 6:40 mins/km pace which put me at 4.62km including the warm up....

Right I'm off outside to see if I can't even up the sunburn!

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VERY WELL DONE! You are right to be pleased with yourself! and it gives those behind you some inspiration too! Thank you!


thank you ... it's so weird to think that just a few weeks ago 5 mins was a massive barrier for me - I honestly believed that I would never be a runner... and now this!!

stick with the program & keep to your run days and you will get through... if I have, then everyone can..

Looking forward to seeing you progress too.


Fantastic achievement and it's a great feeling when you nail that particular run, isn't it :D

Be careful with the sunburn. X


Thanks Pam - and yes - to be told by Laura that I am a proper runner really has made this week something else...

.... but no more walking!!!.....I'm sure I will cope somehow.


Well done :-) Such a great feeling when she says you are officially a runner!

Best of luck with your next run.

And don't forget the sunscreen and hat. :-)


Thanks Cat - and yes I've been looking forward to this run all week just so I can earn my first stripe from Laura.

luckily mid week runs are early evening so no sunscreen needed - although today was a bit of hard going in the full heat...


I tried running later in the day, it's not for me. I go in the mornings when it is still cool. Not that it has made it to really hot here yet. LOL


That's brilliant. This particular ex-fattie is happy to see another getting fit. Ultimately, the weight isn't really as important as we think - lardies can be very fit. But I'm sure you're like I was - fit and lighter is even better.

(I hope I'm saying the right things here - I'm intending this as positive encouragement, but not sure I'm making a very good job of it ...)


thanks Malcy - it means a lot to me just to get so many graduates taking time to reply ... especially the god of hell fire!!

I'm not really fussed about my weight although the BMI is bordering on obese & I can't easily change my height, so I have to loose about 20%.... it's mainly about loosing the spare tyre & getting my heart & lungs back into good nick after 20yrs of smoking & totally zero amount of exercise.


Well, I was worse ... I got rid of 1/3 of my body weight. BMI was over 30%, now 21. BP off the scale, now 'ideal' and have come off medication. It's fantastic. I'd have been happy to have stopped at a 25 BMI, but just kind of got into a groove. it's down to whatever you want to be. Whatever that is, you can be it!

Any time you need help or encouragement, send me a message.


Amazing isn't it, congratulations, I'm sure you'll enjoy the last three weeks with no intervals it starts to feel like the right thing to do. Enjoy :-)


Hi MatthewW

Pleased that you are doing so well. To help get rid of the spare tyre and sculpt your body, you might like to consider Pilates. I've been doing it for a couple of months now and, combined with the C25K programme, my tummy is flatter and I've discovered the beginnings of biceps, etc! Seriously though, Pilates and running do seem to complement one another. There is a brilliant book by Dorling Kindersley called 'A Little Course in.........Pilates' which you might find useful. Good luck with your running.


Do you know that I was looking at instructor lead classes and had thought that Pilate's would be good on my rest days as a way to tone and give flexibility...... I might just do a couple of sessions for a try.

Thank you


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