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I am ELATED. I have just done my first wk4 run on my treadmill in the garage under a glass roof with the sun beating through. When I dompleted the first 5mins run I couldn't beleive it, it gave me SO MUCH hope it just lifted me through to the end. After reading a blog yesterday about enjoying/not enjoying running I commented that I did not enjoy it, but today I loved it. I realised I had been running too fast and getting so out of breath it was just a chore to do the podcasts. So I slowed it down today and I found it a lot easier than I had anticipated. There is hope for me yet, if I can keep this elated feeling it will help. So people who are dreading wk4 just go for it. If I can do it ANYBODY can. Happy running.

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WELL DONE! My first W4 is in the morning. I tried it yesterday because the MP3 player couldn't pick up the SF2 pod cast but will count tomorrow as the proper run. Keep on enjoying it!

MatureladyGraduate in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek I hope you enjoy it as much as I did This morning.


It's lovely to read these very upbeat blogs from people really enjoying running. A bit of sunshine (not too much though!) really does make things feel better - as does finding the right pace. Carry on enjoying it! :)

MatureladyGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks Greenlegs I felt relaxed and easy this morning so the pace must have suited me. That's what I think the difficulty will be, when I pluck up the courage to run outside, is finding the pace. It is easy on the treadmill as you can see the speed but when you have no numbers to look at it may be difficult.

greenlegsGraduate in reply to Maturelady

Ah, but maybe in a way it is easier - just go by how you feel. If you don't feel ok, slow down! On a treadmill, even the pace that is normally ok might feel too much on a day when you've not had enough sleep, or are still tired from a previous hard run.

If you can't see any figures, outside you can just adapt to what feels right for your legs and your lungs/heart - except that most of us somehow seem to think that what feels right ought to be uncomfortable! Not necessarily so - several people have commented recently on finding a slower pace made things enjoyable instead of being a horrible slog.

Anyway, 'relaxed and easy' sounds pretty good! :)

Congratulations! I too am loving it at the moment.


Well Done!!!!!!!!

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