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Bring it on week 6

Last Wednesday I did w5r3. I had this idea that maybe it would just fit the distance from home to work (4.3km) and IT DID. I was so happy!

I got into my running gear at work, walked my 5 min to cross the highway (talk about perfect timing) and then ran all the way. Funny thing is, with all the lanes and alleys I had to be paying attention to the route not to get lost, so it was also a bit of a discover your neighbourhood kind of thing. So when I reach the pub next to my house (a bit of a weird reference when you talk about running) Laura told me I've done it. And if she hadn't said something I would have kept running. It was amazing!

So yesterday morning I went to the gym and did w6r1 in 4.7km. I much prefer the outdoors but with this cold weather I don’t like venturing outside. I think I will be ready next Saturday for my Race for Life.

PS: I'm still on a high from that Wednesday run...

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Is n't it just a fabulous feeling!!

Well done you :)


What a lovely thing to be able to do! It's surprising finding places that you didn't know existed, or seeing things differently by running round them.

It'll be a while until I can run home from work though - my work is a half-marathon away! Still, maybe one day... but not for a good while yet - some big hills in there too! :)


I work from home so it's quite easy for me :P

Congratulations, glad you're feeling so good about it all.


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