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Breakfast after a run, what's your favourite?


Had a short run this morning as I had a dentist appointment so not much time, but what a lovely breakfast I had after my run, very international too.

Pineapple (Brazil), Grapes (Spain), Blueberries (France) Walnuts (California) Greek Style yogurt (France) Honey (Australia), washed down with a small pot of Tea (China) It never ceases to amaze me at all the different foods we eat from all over the world. Its a shame our climate isn't better so that we could eat more of our own produce.

What's your favourite breakfast after a run?

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I love to see where all the members of this community are located - worldwide.

I normally enjoy 2 dessertspoons of dry rolled oats, a small pinch of salt all mixed up with a yoghurt fruit corner. I enjoy that but because of timing today i had to make a brunch meal. Mushrooms, bacon, baked beans and scrambled eggs. AND IT WAS LOVELY!


I normally have a light breakfast before a run, not after - typically, half a grapefruit, slice of toasted home-made bread and a smallish cup of strongish coffee (can't be doing with these gert bucketfuls of milky stuff some people have). Then run, and that tees me up nicely for my everyday treat - an espresso & a dark chocolate biscuit! You'll notice a 'dark' theme here!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to OldNed

OldNed if there's a Mrs OldNed she must love shopping for you and your dark chocolate and helping you to eat it. Lidl have some delicious bars of dark choc from all over, I buy one every week, its lovely.

OldNedGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

There is indeed a Mrs OldNed (who is proving very resistant to the delights of C25K!). Must point her towards Lidl !


I have a banana before, then my favourite is sugar free muesli with a lovely cup of tea ( or porridge - no sugar- if it's cold out).

I was really grumpy when I got in after my 1hr 11mins 7.75k very soggy run this morning and there was NO MILK LEFT (well enough of other daughters skimmed to make a cuppa); so had to have toast ( 'shared' with grandson - he seems to think mine tastes better than his own!)

Nice bowl of muesli when I got home for lunch, yum! :-)

BeekGraduate in reply to Poppy2010

Breakfast with Grandson - SHEER BLISS! Mine has gone to live in Oz and I miss him loads!


If i run first thing during the week then its usually toast & coffee or porridge. But on a saturday, post-parkun I have yoghurt & some berries - whatever I have in; followed by a gorgeous croissant from the local deli with blackcurrant jam and a black coffee. Heaven!


Just whatever I'd usually have for breakfast: cereal (a mix of 2 or 3 from conrflakes/granola/wheatflakes/museli) with milk, yoghurt and fruit on top. Today was grapes and kiwi fruit. Then a big mug of tea.

Run mornings I get back into bed with a cup of tea and two breakfast biscuits. It's a deal with myself - when I finish the tea, get up dressed and straight out. After it's cups of tea and museli or toast whilst reading c25k emails and checking mapmyrun. Such a creature of habit!!

I'm a plain yogurt fan. Keeps me going to lunchtime no problem. But add a bit of Canada (Maple Syrup) and I am fueled for ages :)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to mother_of_3_boys

I like plain Greek yogurt with clear honey added, its yummy. Must get some Maple Syrup though its just a bit special without doubt.

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