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Hi there,

I am in my first week of c25k, aiming to get fit (or at least fitter) before I turn 40 at the end of the year.

I have always been hungry when I wake up and need breakfast ASAP - so would it be ok to eat then go straight out to do c25k? Or should I run first and eat later and put up with the hunger?

I read in the advice to beginners section of the Nhs website that you shouldn't eat a big meal within two hours of a run - but I don't have time to wait two hours in the morning.

Thanks very much

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  • Hi and congratulations on starting C25k. I think it's a great programme and really enjoyed doing it.

    If I go out in the mornings I eat when I get back rather than before. If I'm really hungry when I wake up I might have a small banana before I head out but nothing that makes me feel full. One thing I have found is that having a glass of water before I head out makes a massive difference.

    Good luck.

  • I run early in the morning and usually on just a cup of tea. Running on a full stomach can be a bit painful I've found.

  • What do you usually have for breakfast?

  • Lately I've been having a protein shake - almond milk, protein powder, yoghurt.

  • That would be fine pre-run. I would stick a banana in there too for some carbs, and maybe a scoop of oats soaked in the almond milk overnight. I almost always have a pre-workout smoothie - blueberries, sweet potato, almond milk, a spoon of peanut buuter and 1/2 tsp espresso beans. Then when I get back I have another but this time leafy greens - kale or spinach, protein powder and creatine, cottage cheese, mango and avocado.

  • Cool thanks!

  • Do bear in mind that Mr Rignold is burning mountains of calories...

  • Congratulations on starting!! I'm only on week 4 but the programme is fantastic. I an no expert by any means and sounds like you have a lot of sensible replies already but I have found that it doesn't really matter what I eat (within reason) if I have a bowl of porridge and then go out I'm usually ok. You could always give it a go and see how you get on? X

  • That makes sense, to try it and see how it goes.

    I just had a few sips of my protein shake this morning, and believe it or not it was quite motivating to know it was waiting in the fridge for me when I got home from my run!

  • I'm the opposite - i never do breakfast. Just don't know how people can eat first thing. What i have found is that no matter how hungry you are prior to your run your body totally forgets about when your running. I would not eat anything prior to the run as you will enjoy your breakfast so much more afterwards.

  • As a fellow person that needs to eat often and immediately, try eating a light breakfast. You'll know as soon as you've gone too far/wrong type of food, as you'll be looking for somewhere to get sick. I mostly steer clear of fatty foods, I can pack in a lot of carbs no problem before it bugs me on a run. But I think we're all a little different.

  • Hi. I'll share what works for me.. Try eating half a banana before going out and drinking half a glass of water. Having a full tummy does make the runs ever so harder but little amounts can help in longer runs.

  • I'm much the same as you, and what works for me is having a slice of toast, waiting half an hour for it settle, then going out for my run; and then having a more substantial breakfast afterwards.

  • Thanks so much for all the helpful replies.

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