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Week 5 Session 1 - who knew I would sweat there?!


Can't really believe I am writing this. Just over four weeks of jogging - that's amazing.

Although slightly tired I reminded myself it was a mental hurdle I needed to get through so I just kept going. Lots of joggers still overtake me but I do feel I am going faster. My calves are finally starting to ache less during the session and are less tight.

I am so glad because I was saying to my friend that because they were so tight I felt I wasn't actually able to push myself, I wasn't sweating, I wasn't out of breath, I was just trying to keep going and not stop.

Well now I sweat and get out of breath but strangely I am happy about this as I feel I am really trying and (hopefully) improving my fitness level by pushing myself. My advice to anyone with the same problem is just take it easy until your calves start feeling better before you push too hard - it worked for me :)

So I am happy that I am now sweating but I am not sure my friend is! :)

There we were at the end of our session doing stretching together: Arms over head and I realised that my sweat patches under my arms were rather large. Looking across at my friend I see she has noted them too, then my friend helpfully pointed out the back of my t-shirt was similarly wet with sweat.

It wasn't until I put my leg up on the rail (I am not a gymnast by the way the rail is only low) that we both realised I had sweated somewhere else...gross. After jokingly asking if I had wet myself and then reassuring me that Davina McCall has the same problem she tactfully turned around while I finished that stretch.

Bending over to do finally stretch I heard more tittering from my friend as she confirmed you could see it from the back as well.

So trying to keep my head up high, and my friend from laughing, I moved quickly to the car to go home!

At the moment I just run in either leggings or jogging bottoms and a cotton t-shirt. I have been told that if I buy proper running leggings and t-shirts they will pull sweat away (or at least mask it better)

I have also looked this up on the web to make sure I am not a complete freak and have read that I sweat like this either a) because I just sweat this way and always will or b) because I am overweight.

I have read that anti-perspiration deodorant or talc on my legs might help but any advice welcome (or even commiserations that you or "your friend" suffers from this.)

On a different note, now that I have done it for a month I am starting to feel confident that I might complete this. I am still excited about doing it and still enjoy it (or at least feel so proud when I have finished) I also bought a runners magazine the other day and have looked at the garmins that people talk about in this group.

I still don't feel quite confident saying I am a runner and if I say I went on a run to anyone I normally have to then emphasise it was a jog and a slow jog. Maybe it's because I am overweight so I think people might laugh if I say I am a runner, hopefully this will change as I continue.

But at least I can say Davina and I have something in common. :)

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*smile* - it isn't only you and Davina. I have the same tendency to sweat a lot and all over. I used to be worried, but I have overcome it now, in the same way that I am concentrating on Laura I figure they aren't looking at my bits. Worst bit is that it is our work Gym, so I sometimes run on the treadmill with colleagues behind me on the bikes. I do still have an issue doing Adductors/Abductors (legs WIDE) with damp patches visible to people who have to take me seriously in meetings. Today I had to stuff my iPod in my bra as I forgot my arm band thingy and it was VERY soggy!

Thank you so much for sharing this - no one seems to mention this sweat. I was starting to wonder if it was Rule 1 of Running Club: Don't mention the unusual areas you sweat in!

I think you are really brave going the work gym and you are right I guess it would be rude of people to either look or admit they have looked.

I'll keep going with my head held high :)

Loved the blog and rest assured, my 'lady bits' do the same and always have done whilst exercising! It just shows that you are making lots of effort with your running. I'd be very surprised if people didn't sweat to be honest, especially on the longer runs. I've got a couple of pairs of 3/4 length lycra leggings which don't show any tell tale damp patches. If not a nice long top will hide any embarrassment!! The strangest place I sweat is my lower arms and wrists, in fact I've actually had to tighten my watch strap by another notch since I started running because my wrists have got smaller......weird!!! Claire. X

Hey Claire thanks for helping feel more normal too. Not noticed my lower arms and wrists sweating but knowing me I wouldn't be surprised if they did!

I'll try and get some lycra leggings thanks for tip. I thought my tops were long enough until I started stretching :)

If anyone ever comments I will simply say "sweat is effort" and strut on past (quickly) :)


I think this might be why most people wear black leggings/whatevers - the sweat is less visible!


No, don't use antiperspirant, as if you body needs to lose heat through sweating, you don't really want to stop it. It was very windy hear today and I didn't feel very sweaty at all, however when I got back I noticed my waist band and top few cms of my capri leggings was a sweaty as ever. The strangest place I get sweaty is the inside of my elbows, even when in just a t-shirt.


Ha, ha, this made me smile. I can't think of a part of my body that doesn't sweat profusely! I (occasionally!) exercise with a friend who perspires very femininely - her face glows & her hair gets slightly damp. I on the other hand have a bright red face, soaking hair & sweat patches in all kind of weird & wonderful places (think gravity makes it run down). However, I now wear my sweat with pride - if I'm at a place where others are running or exercising, no one bats an eye, and if I'm solo outside, I hold my head up and look anyone i see in the eye, safe in the knowledge I've earned every drop running down my face. And yes, get some proper gear, it makes you feel good in lots of ways and in my experience Lycra in most colours, not just black, minimises the evidence in embarrassing places!

Thanks swanscot and pinkhat! My friend doesn't seem to sweat at all - she must be like your feminine friend! I don't know if I have a red face, I'll check in the mirror next time I get in the car after a run. I think when payday comes at the end of the month I'll buy some lycra pants to see if they help disguise it -if that works i won't both with the antiperspirant!

It's really good to know others have random places that sweat builds up/ shows. Whenever I thought of runners in the past (maybe with movies helping me along) I used to just think sweat patches would appear under the arm and front and back of t-shirts!

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