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Nice running day today, bright sunshine and a nice cold wind. Some how I zoned out during the run and although I was aware of the music, I was in Fiona world until suddenly Laura was saying only two runs Had a stitch after the first run but just kept walking fast, breathing deeply and swinging my arms and by the next run it had gone. Now I know it is not a very nice subject but what do I do about the amount of snot that I produce, I use a nasal spray just before running to clear my tubes and chew gum as that also helps but honestly I seem to produce gallons of the stuff. Suppose I could run with a loo roll hanging round my neck, but then where to throw the tissue, and when I blow my nose my rythmn goes...anyone else get this, maybe I could patent a clip on drip tray, but most of mine seems to go down my throat...Yuck, sorry...and ideas?

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Someone the other day suggested getting wrist band s like the tennis players use. Theyre terry towelling and washable and I'm off to buy some tomorrow.


Tissues shoved in the top of your sports bra? Don't know about the disposal problem, though.


no idea, but I would be interested to see how you do it. any way good luck for your next run


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