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If W5R3 beat you first time around, what did you do next?

I tackled W5R3 for the first time this morning, having completed every other run first time. Although I can take a lot of positives from what I did today, I'm disappointed not to have completed it. I'm trying to decide whether to repeat the whole of week 5 (as Laura suggests) or just keep plugging away at 20 mins until I've nailed it a couple of times in a row. Any suggestions or similar experiences, please?

Many thanks :o)

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:-) Great going in wanting to get right back in the program. We all have good runs and bad runs. Were you maybe going a bit too fast? My suggestion would be to not do week 5 over, just this run. The day of your run, eat and drink intentionally so you have proper nutrition and hydration. Take the run slow...slow and steady will get you there. Mentally, remember every run prior to this has prepared you for this one. You will do great! Best wishes! Gayle


Hi Gayle, thanks very much indeed for your reply. I don't think speed was my problem, I'm a dreadmiller and have been jogging at around the 7kph mark, a bit faster if I'm feeling in the zone. This morning I started at 7 and dropped it to 6.8 before I stopped at around 13 minutes. Had less than a minute's breather, then back on it to about 17 minutes, few seconds breather, and then closed it out at 6.8. I think it was mind winning out over body, bad morning, too much going through my head about work, and generally thinking "20 minutes is an eternity and I'm still fat and unfit". I'm happy with what I did, just not sure where to pick up again, although I am leaning towards just going for 20 minutes again until I've nailed it. Thanks again for your thoughts. I WILL get a shiny green badge just like yours!


That sounds pretty close to doing it. What you say about mind/body is probably 99% of it!

You will get there. :)


Good luck I'm on Week 5 session 1. 20 mins seems a long jump but I think it can't do it first time I will keep trying until I get there.

I am sure you will do it very soon you seem very close.


The fact you took a short breather and went back to running again means its probably mental block you are having. Push on thru... The buzz you get for completing is worth pushes on thru for. Also focus on your breathing, steady and deep and you will feel better for it.


Nailed it at the third attempt yesterday. It was the gradient that was doing for me, but I dropped it a touch half-way through and there was no stopping me! Woo hoo! Thanks for all your lovely support... :o)


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