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A bit giddy about trainers

Ive been running for the past 5 weeks with my New Balance bog standard trainers. They are doing the job and seem ok but I wanted to plan what I wanted to do at the end of 9 weeks to treat myself to some super dooper new trainers. Well I did lots of research and whittled down a list of possible ones that might be good for me with a plan that if I got to graduation I would get my gait analysed and get some lovely new trainers. Me being me, I couldnt want that long. Really im baffled I thought there was any doubt:) So i saw these Asics Gel Kinsei 4 trainers on ebay and thought straight away I shouldnt do it but they were a lot less than the £144 currently showing on amazon and sports shops and were brand new in mint condition. I reminded myself of my list and my plan to have my feet professionally measures but I faffed about for a while and before I knew it I had pressed the buy it now. Guilt took over and felt bad:( Then they arrived yesterday and they had been worn. They were pretty much brand new but someone had worn them outside due to some spots of mud on the sole and a stone I picked out. If they have been worn I'm sure its only once or twice Got straight back onto the buyer and got most of my money back so I have what I am sure is an almost brand new pair of asics gel kinsei 4 for £30:) oooh i cant wait to go out tomorrow in my bright pink trainers.

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Awww well, you've another pair to keep you happy for a while, so all is not lost. :)

For me the great advantage of having gait analysis is that you discover if there is any aspect of your running which might eventually cause injury or need constant support. in my case I was slightly flat footed in one foot, so my foot, ankle and knee were all leaning inwards slightly. I got through about 4 weeks of C25K before my knees started to complain a bit - hence the analysis. Once the situation was spelled out to me it all made so much sense - if all the bones from foot up to hip go slightly out of alignment, then eventually they might start to hurt. Not only that but the other leg might try to compensate for the lopsidedness of your gait, so it too becomes vulnerable to injury.

I had customised insoles made and was told they would see me through approximately 3 pairs of shoes.

So, if you want analysis its not a big deal, and might put your mind at rest re possible future injury. If you do need some support, then you might be able to get customised insoles made to go inside your Asics ... just a thought :D

Enjoy pink trainers ... lovely ;) Linda


Thanks Linda. When I get a bit further on I will go and have my feet measured, gait analysis etc just to make sure I'm in the right trainers and if I need insoles. Thanks for the advice.


Sounds like you may have a bargain there! Enjoy. :)


I love my Asics ... I wanted pink ones but they 'only did them in ladies sizes' up to an 8 and although a Lady I have size 9 feet. But I did get a pair of men's. Luckily I live near Gloucester which has at Acics outlet shop at Gloucester Quays. They did make me do weird things in the shop before fitting my beautiful trainers but I soooo love them :)

Joanne enjoy them and many miles of happy running.


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