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Week1, Run 2


I got out there again today :-) I completed the second run of week one.

I had honestly forgotten what it was like to run on tired legs. I also met a few of my long lost friends the gremlins this morning. As soon as I finished the warm up walk I felt the need to go to the loo (!) I'm sure that its all psychological because once I stopped thinking about it, the need disappeared :-)

My legs felt quiet tight after my first run this week (considering I haven't run for 5 months, I'm not surprised) which bought it own mental challenge but I kicked any thought of stopping to one side.

I'm planning my next run on Friday morning. I have spa day on Friday also but I will get out early as usual and let my spa day be my reward for restarting this journey and completing the first week (again)

Clare x

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Well done for getting out there again. I am in the same position having graduated in december but haven't run since March. Did my first run this morning and it did feel harder than I thought it would. Good luck with yr next run - keep posting.

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