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Getting my C25K mojo back!

Hi all

Last post was when I got to week 7, but had really bad hip pain in one hip. Bursitis I think, but took a break, got my gait analysed, got new shiny shoes, and started again from 15 minutes, got to 20 minutes today, so will stick at that for this week, then build up agan.

The encouragement and advice I had early on on this forum helped me to to keep going - thanks for that. I am heading for a milestone birthday - bet you can guess which one! - the clue is in the name - and wanted to hit the 5K in time for that, (I've got about a month to go) I may not do it (there is also a frock that is a little snug fitting, so if it could be a little less snug that would be nice) , but I am more bothered about missing my runs rather than the time/distance now.

Thanks again, my C25K buddies, hopefully I may be a graduate next time I blog!

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I am on w6 and did r1 yesterday so can't give you any encouragement about week 7 or beyond, but happy to say well done and keep going.

I too am hoping the programme will help me lose some flab.

Have a great milestone birthday, mine is only a couple of years off and I hope to be a proper runner by then


Thanks TeaAye, well done you too. I have noticed I am a bit 'leaner' - well my daughter did, said my shape was changing, so that is encouraging. I don't know what a 'proper runner' is, but I don't mind tagging along!

Thanks again, and good luck with the programme.



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