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5k to Baby

I have been wondering what to do since finishing c25k. Whilst my calf is healing my physio agreed that doing B210K 3 times a week will be a real struggle as my calf freezes up when I do too many walking intervals. So what to do to keep things interesting and to make sure I manage 3 runs a week before baby comes along?

When Kilt legs junior came along, I had read about the important of skin contact with your baby and Wifey was a huge supporter of this. Taking my shirt off whilst a midwife wandered around to hug my baby was a lovely moment but I was hugely self conscious. I have about 6 months to make things a bit less self conscious this time.

My decision is to make sure the next week or so is the proper end of bad eating. I have been neglecting my diet so after finishing off any bad things in the house and slowly changing over to healthy I hope that will help. I read an article that suggested the greatest thing a person can do to improve their running time is to shift any excess wobbly bits. My mind is in the right place so it is healthy eating (for mum to be and me!).

Second is to mix up the 3 weekly runs. On Thursdays I have limited run time as my son is at nursery for a short while. So that will be my fast run, Tuesday will be my lengthy run and weekend is the good old 5k/park run. So plan is:

Sun: 5k, either slow and happy or if I am in a good place then I will speed up and hopefully manage the 5k in 30 minutes.

Tues: I am going to try one B210K run per week which will slowly bring me up to 10k before baby comes along hopefully. If I can manage the walks once per week then I will keep going with it, otherwise it will be longer but slower runs.

Thurs: 2.4km quick run. Why 2.4km? well that is the military standard distance for fitness tests. Someone of my age and gender needs to do this in 12 mins 8 secs to join the navy and faster for the army or marines. My timed one on Thurs in the rain was 14:33 so I have a good target for that.

I think I am getting a running blog writing addiction. I do not intend seeking any help for it though as sometimes thinking about what to write gets me through a bad run!

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All sounds like excellent planning. :) Hope you enjoy finishing off all the 'bad' foods! :D


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