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Scuppered by Snot :(

Hi everyone!

I started C25k a couple of weeks ago and have only just discovered this forum - what a breath of fresh air to see some really honest people sharing their ups and downs through the process. I work with lots of self-confessed 'real' runners who think nothing of sticking on some trainers and going for a quick 5k in their lunch break. They then come back looking all refreshed and continue their day as if nothing has happened.

Although I've always been reasonably active, walking miles with the dog and on my feet all day at work, I've never been good at running and always hated trying. I think there was always something in my mind that told me that starting to run involved warming up for a few minutes and then trying to run for as long as possible - ending up in a hyperventilating heap only 2 or 3 minutes later and then giving up and going home. Feeling out of breath and defeated is never good motivation for trying again tomorrow!

I am trying to lose a bit of excess weight with a weight watchers plan, but have realised that it's not necessarily my size, but shape that I'm unhappy with. I'm now nearly 32 and am starting to realise that things are not going to get better by themselves, I have to make the effort! I love my food and have a sweet tooth, so dieting is hard for me and I needed something to try to keep up my enthusiasm for the whole programme and make me feel like missing out on my favourite things is worth it. My aim is to have more energy and feel better about myself - I came to realise early in my diet that losing weight alone probably wasn't going to do it.

So I did week 1, and my walking fitness (and mad dog companion) meant that I managed it fine. Stepping up to week 2 has confirmed that I am actually starting to learn to run and so far I feel completely different about it. It's a challenge and one that I like! Having a structured plan of run and walk has stopped me thinking about whether I can go further/should stop/should have done more by letting the timings be someone else's problem. I'm also working on training my new dog and building a relationship with her - out on a walk she finds me much more fun if I'm running and so we seem to be benefitting in a few ways.

I definitely find it easier to run on tracks and footpaths than the road or a treadmill. Turning corners, having (slight) inclines and hopping over tree roots and rocks adds some interest and makes me feel a bit more like Indiana Jones - it works for me!

The last few days though, the company cold has got me. Just as I was getting going I'm now wheezing and sneezing my way through the day and blowing my nose every 2 minutes. It can't be a pretty sight but I'm sticking with it. I assume that some of you guys have been through the same thing given the crappy weather we've had. My gut feeling is to keep going so that I don't lose my enthusiasm or feel like I've gone backwards, but I'm just going to repeat the runs from week 2 until I feel better. I know I can do these and I feel as though if I try more and fail I'll get all disappointed. Or should I be just going for it? I read so many posts that say that people can actually do more that they thout they could - am I just being a wimp?

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I read somewhere that you shouldn't run with a fever but otherwise it's ok as long as you feel up to it. I think your idea to repeat week 2 sounds like a good plan though. It's what I would try to do in your circumstances.

I'm also trying to lose weight at the same time (slimming world for me). I thought it would help to run the two together so if in one week I did badly in one I could feel poitive about the other and so be more likely to get to where I want to be, fitter and lighter :)

Keep going HoundDog and stay clear of the "real" runners for now. They all had to start from somewhere too! Good luck and feel better soon.


Go for it .... you will be amazed how good you feel when you do wk3, especially when you realise that you have just doubled the length of your running intervals....


Welcome to the forum HoundDog! :) You will find this a great place for motivation and support and real honest chat from a bunch of great people! I'm glad you found it early on as you will benefit heaps from being on here.

A head cold with no fever is fine to continue to run with as long as you feel able to do so and can breathe! :O Personally, I would move on to week 3. You have managed week 2 so why linger over it? Onwards and upwards and if it proves to be a struggle then just come on here, get your inspiration and give it another go! I bet you will surprise yourself though, we all do that during this journey!

Get better soon!



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