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Jogging, trying to follow a weightloss program but appetite has gone into over drive

Ive just increased my jogging to approx 2-3 miles 6 days a week (im following a half marathon plan) and im following a well know diet, which up until now has been great, however my appetite has increased. Anyone else experienced this and if so how did you cope without gaining weight?

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I really do hope things are OK as you appear to be taking on a lot of challenges at the moment! My goodness, weight loss, C25k and a half marathon programme at the same time! Please don't overdo things as your body may well complain in ways other than tummy grumbles! :( All I can offer is my own experience: when I started exercising my appetite seemed to increase too.... but from an already overweight stance I didn't want to give in to hunger pangs. Somewhere on this forum I read that when exercising, feelings like hunger pangs are often no more than your body wanting more hydration! I just drank a huge glass of water whenever my tum told me it was hungry. It works! The pangs go away, your body gets the hydration it needs following exercise, you won't put on weight and when it really is time to eat, you will enjoy your correct (not binge) food all the more. Take care and good luck with all your running, Cheers Linda x :)


Thanks for the concern. I finished the c25k a week ago so Ive just moved on to a new challange. Im going to try the water thing lol x


I was following an online diet plan, and had to enter fitness level ( whether you sat around all day or had regular exercise) when I became more active i was able to change my fitness level and the diet plan would allocate more calories.

The drinking more water really does help.

BTW I managed to lose three and a half stone, and have maintained my weight for nearly two years.


That is fab Betty Jane Im determined to lose this weight and keep it off. I have put a few bottles of water in the fridge ready for me to grab when the hunger strikes!


I have read that eating a proper meal not more that 1.5 hours after running helps your body recover better than leaving it longer (not sure where I saw that) so it might be an idea to time your runs so that you can eat shortly after as it might help take the edge off your appetite.

Remember that as you train more you will burn more calories and build more muscle. I appreciate you want to lose weight but remember that lots of training burns lots of calories and you need enough protein to build that new muscle. I have found my appetite has increased with my training, although it is not my main aim (I'm not dieting) I am still losing weight slowly.

Keep up the good work & try to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs to keep you running!


I too think water is the key. As fat breaks down, toxins that the body has stored there are released and the requirement for water is increased to flush them through the system. If one is dehydrated, the kidneys do not function properly, so the liver takes up the job (which puts massive strain on it) which compounds the issue as then more fat and toxins will be stored as the liver cannot deal with them.... just drink more!


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