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Week 6 run 1. OMG, you were all right!

We did it, but I can concur with everyone who says how hard week 6 is! I've not felt this bad since week 1! I think we did the first one too fast, plus the intervals ! Argh! Now it's a slightly longer break than usual - a trip to Effie Izzard plus an anniversary dinner means run 2 not till Sunday! Hopefully a break that long won't hurt!

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I know what you mean! After the 20 min run Wk5r3 I thought I was invincible but how wrong I was!! i completed W6r2 yesterday and it wasn't too bad, I actually found it easier than W6r1 ... 2 x 10 min runs with 3 min walk in between, it is do-able though ....... don't be disheartened by the thought of it and enjoy your down time :)


:-) Week 6 was right up there with week 1 for me also. It kinda knocks some of us off our cloud 9 high from the 20 minute run. YOU DID IT! YIPPEE! Enjoy the Anniversary! :-) Gayle


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