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I have been following this podcast for about three weeks now, currently repeating week 2 and although I finish every time feeling exhausted, I am determined to push through and finish these 9 weeks.

However, last week after one of my runs, I found that the very top of my thigh, almost at my hip on my right leg was slighty hurting whilst I was walking around in the evening. Now, a week later, the pain increases throughout the day and even more so when I attempt a run. It is so frustrating because I have now missed a few runs in fear of making it worse but it's just not going away and I'm worried i'm going to give up.

Has anyone else experienced this before?


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Don't worry too much: about the pains and certainly not about giving up! If you joined the challenge in reasonable health, and have followed Laura's instructions about posture and balance, then probably your pain is little more than one set of muscles really feeling the pinch after being asked to do things it hasn't needed to do previously! Why not put your mind completely at ease and ask your doc, or if you know a good one near you, a sports physio? I was told that if one part hurts more than another, then I was probably out of balance and that bit was doing more than its opposite side. My probs were sorted by getting my gait analysed at a good running/sports shop - where somebody who knows about running will view your paces on a treadmill and photograph any lop-sidedness. If one of your feet or ankles is throwing you slightly askew then eventually this can lead to painful knees, hips and all points north. Good shoes and customised inserts were all that I needed. :)

I noted from previous comments that you were also setting off too fast! Naughty girl, ;) your poor body needs to get used to this new running lark, and muscles, tendons and joints all need to build their strength slowly and steadily. And that .. Is exactly how you might try to run ... Slowly and steadily .... Slower than walking if needs be. Use your rest days to do just! It's on the in-between days that your limbs will get stronger and prepare for their next task. I found that warm relaxing baths, Deep Heat, and a muscle ease massage helped enormously! Take care, seek medical advice if you are worried, and perhaps try to be more gentle on yourself. Wishing you all the best and hoping that you will continue with the challenge when you feel better. Good luck. Linda x


Thanks for the reply Linda!

I'm trying my hardest to keep a slow pace whilst running I promise ha!

I might just go and see a specialist if the pain doesn't improve any time soon as it's really starting to annoy me as it's stopping me from going out and improving. Hopefully, as you said it's just muscles needing a good old stretch!



I had a very similar problem when I started running and just as I was beginning to think I it would get the better of me stopped!

I decided that it was just my old muscles letting me know that they were finally being used (and weren't too happy about it). I've read similar tales on other blogs so I don't think it is unusual.


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