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I’ve just completed first run of week 9. I’ve loved the challenge, though some runs were hard. The problem is that I’ve developed a bit of a pain in my right hip. It doesn’t bother me too much in the runs, but I can feel it a lot of the time when I’m not running. I’m worried it’s going to get worse and I won’t be able to finish. I do warm down exercises but can anyone suggest any specific ones that might help

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First: Are you over-striding? Do you land your foot on your heel?

Second: Which are the warm down exercises you're doing? Do they include Iliotibial band (ITB) stretches?


I was going to ask the questions nowster has asked and also whether you have good running shoes fitted after a gait analysis.

ITB exercises are going to be most appropriate in most cases but minimising the impact may go a long way to correcting the problem.

Thanks, someone gave me the trainers ! I don’t suppose that’s good 😬 So I’ve never had the gait analysis

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Gardenjoy

I think you might benefit from reading the guide to the plan in respect of minimising impact, stretching and strengthening exercises and I would not recommend continuing to run in shoes that someone just gave you. There is a link in the guide to a post about buying running shoes.

Noted. I’ll have try to sort a new pair for Friday. I’ll have a look at the guide too. Thanks for your sound advice👍

WobblelegsGraduate in reply to Gardenjoy

Definitely get a gait analysis done at a specialist shop if you can. I went to Up and Running over the weekend and invested in a pair of trainers having run in gym shoes for 8 weeks and was starting to get niggles in my hip. The new trainers have made all the difference - have run in them twice now. They also feel so much lighter!

I completed my first run of week 9 this morning and like you say, you're so close to the end, you want to finish! Happy running!!

Gardenjoy in reply to Wobblelegs

Thanks for the advice, I’ve just been looking online for my nearest shop!

Good luck with the last couple of runs and I’ll see you at the finish line 🏃🏻‍♀️ 😄

I think I land on my foot. The warm down are stretches that were on the better health section in C25K

I don’t think I overstride, it takes me ages 😳😄

nowsterGraduate in reply to Gardenjoy

Overstriding is more about the technique rather than the length of the stride.

If your foot is landing ahead of your body weight, you're effectively putting on the brakes and putting a jolt up the leg, through the knees and into the hip.

Have a look at the running shuffle video here:

Gardenjoy in reply to nowster

Thank you so much for the really helpful advice 🙏😄

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