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Hello :)

Just thought I would say hello. I started C25K last week and was pleasantly surprised that I didn't collapse when trying to jog. I'm doing the plan to prepare for the Race for Life on 23rd of June, and while I won't be getting any records, I will be so pleased if I can run a little more of the course than I have in previous years. I must admit that I am finding running and the plan quite addictive at the moment and I fully intend to keep it up after race for life. It's not easy as I am at least 3 Stone overweight, but I'm hoping that following the plan, as well as eating healthily will sort that out!

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Welcome to a very addictive activity & a very supportive forum, I'm also doing the 23rd all being well, it will be my first 5k, good luck Ally x


Welcome, and good luck!


Good luck, I was 6 stone overweight, got that down to 4 stone at the moment and I am up to week 7, sure you can do it and run the whole thing next year :-)


Welcome to the forum, as said you will loose weight, I have lost a stone in 10 weeks and feel better for taking up the running, having never run before.

There is lots of support here so do not be shy in asking questions.

Good luck to you :-)


I also started very recently. Halfway through week 3 just now and a bit dubious about the next couple of weeks but definitely finding it easier than I bought I would!!

Initially had some ankle/shin pain but have invested in some better trainers and I think def made a difference!!

Good luck with rest of the course! Am surprised at how quickly I've become addicted to it!! Found myself missing my running on my days off!!


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