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Week 7 change of scene

Now I've reached the dizzy heights of Week 7, decided I really need to find out how far I've run, especially as Race for Life beckons in 9 weeks (eeeek)

So, not having any fancy delancey gear, I decided to head for the local park run route and see how far I got round. I reckon I managed about 3.5k in 25 minutes of slow running.

Somehow I need to add in 1.5k in 5 minutes, although tbh 35 minutes would be fine.

I can't quite believe it's me saying all this, combining words like "run", "30 minutes" and "5k" in the same sentence :) I am achey tonight though, I find evening runs hard, got boot camp tomorrow and Thursday so not sure when I'll run next, I'll keep the BC low impact to give my joints a rest, and do loads of squats & weights & abs. If I'm too sore on Weds, then I may have to give the running a rest until Sat, There's 2 more weeks of boot camp, then I'll probably give it a break until after Race for Life.

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You are doing great! A lot faster than a lot of people, myself included. :)

I graduated in February, and managed just over 3k in 30 minutes then. I'm slow and steady. Race for Life couldn't care less how long it takes you to run 5k! A couple of weeks after that I did my first 5k, and it took me about 50 minutes.

Today I ran another 5k, on tired legs (as I'd run 4k yesterday - this is the first time I've run on consecutive days - thought I'd try and see if it would work), around the parkrun route again, which has a steep hill in the middle, and I've got it down to 45 minutes (and 6 seconds!). So - still slow - but I can keep running. (I have once run for 100 minutes, and covered 10k.)

Have fun with boot camp - rather you than me! :) I wouldn't be surprised if you do manage the Race for Life in 30 minutes, or pretty close anyway, with all that other exercise toughening up your core muscles. Enjoy it anyway!


Thanks greenlegs, my pelvic joints ache and are "HOT" if you know what I mean, ought to ice them really, my get DS to knead them, he's very good at hitting the right spot. I'm training an osteopath tomorrow, wonder if she'd like to give up her lunch hour for a bit of free treatment :)


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