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Race for Life

So...I did my first official 5k event yesterday - the Race for Life and thoroughly enjoyed it and managed to raise a good few pennies for Cancer Research UK!

I graduated C25K about 2 weeks ago and have run 5K about 7 or 8 times since but always on a treadmill. I'd convinced myself that I could only run at 8kph because that's what I'd trained at throughout C25K so it had always taken me about 38mins to run 5K. So, without the treadmill keeping my pace for me, I set out yesterday in the 'joggers' group because apparently to go in the 'runners' group you had to be able to run 5K in less than 35 mins - no chance I thought! THEN...I came in at 32 mins 51 seconds - delighted doesn't cover it! I'm determined now to get it done in under 30 mins.

The goals don't stop after you graduate...I'm determined to improve distance and improve speed and keep challenging myself. This must be the 'running bug' they all talk about. Loving it!!

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Wow well done!! I'm doing my 5k in July and its so inspiring to read about others who have done it!!

That's such a brilliant time too and all for charity - well done again :-)


Well done! I did my Race for Life yesterday too - what a great feeling! :)

I hadn't seen anything defining the difference between 'runners' and 'joggers' but was aiming to finish in around 33 mins, so classed myself as a jogger. It certainly worked well for me - lots of people ahead of me were stopping and walking even from very early on so I got to go past them, which was far better from a mental point of view than if I'd started with the runners and been passed by lots of quicker joggers! :o

Happy running! ;)


Brill - many congratulations. Great time too. Bet you are chuffed to bits.


Fantastic - well done, and what a good time! :)


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