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Running when ill

I was away last week and was unable to C25k due to the work I was doing whilst away and where I was, but I W's hoping to come back and get straight back into it.

But, I was so exhausted after my week away that I have needed up with a gluey cold; sore throat, runny nose, shivers etc...

So far this week I haven't been able to do much as I have just been too poorly but I am feeling a bit better and wonder about whether I should start W6?

Should I run when I am unwell, or hold off a little longer?

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It really depends on how you feel. If you have a temperature (have the shivers stopped?) then no, don't run. If the infection is on your chest, don't run. But if it's a simple cold (infection is above the neck), and you feel that you are over the worst, then it should be fine.

(Obviously if you are unsure you should check with your doctor. The law student in me really wants to put an exclusion of liability clause in here. I really need to get a life!)


I missed one run a couple of weeks ago because of a bad headcold - just a short walk up the street to the shops and back made my legs feel like jelly :/ If you're feeling worn out then give your body a bit longer to rest. I saw something in our local newspaper yesterday about running while ill. It said, "If it's above your neck (runny nose, headache, sore throat) keep on running; if it's below your neck (chesty cough, chest infection, etc...) take time off"

I've still got a lingering phlegmy cough, but I'm getting out there and running and it doesn't seem to be badly affecting me. If anything I feel better when I run :) Listen to your body and go from there


Thanks folks.

It is a heady cold but I am achey and the earache has thrown mt off balance a little. That all I want to do is curl up under a blanket tells me to hang off a little longer.

I know this is a little lazy but I have a really important meeting next week and think I need to be sensible ;0(


No, it isn't lazy. You are unwell and your body needs a rest to heal itself. Curl up under the blanket, be kind to yourself, and you will get better quicker - then you'll be off running again sooner!


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